Gulf Desert Trading

Gulf Desert Trading has been set up to cater to the needs of the various customers, contractors, consultants and agencies involved in the construction industry.

Our History

Gulf Desert was established in the year 2009 after being taken over by the next generation in a long standing family business. The core of the company is formed based on a passion to make the best HVAC products available in the local market at reasonable costs instead of people having to rely on the international market and pay a much higher price. Recently there has been a massive boom and rapid growth in the HVAC market with an increase in the requirement of equipment, essentials and installation of Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems. This has made the company’s position stronger than ever.

The company is growing its focus on the people factor of the business which is reflected in every deal that is made. Quality and customer satisfaction are Gulf Desert’s number one priority. Gulf Desert’s huge market share in the sale of HVAC products and solutions in Qatar is being substantiated with the best customer experiences.

Our Story

The endeavor is to create a value system based on the principles and ethics of sustainability in every part of the job to ensure that the end result is always more than the customer hoped for. ‘Customer Delight’, as we call it, is something that we strive for and achieve which is the sole reason for the repeat clients and recommendations that we get. Social and sustainable goals are now merged with the company’s objectives making it quite clear that Gulf Desert is here to stay.

Massive projects in Qatar such as FIFA 2022 and Vision 2030 are being provided to Gulf Trading because of its relentless adherence to quality, best customer service in the industry and the sheer determination to perform.

Gulf Desert Trading Introduction

Gulf Trading is the top preferred company when it comes to HVAC solution in the Qatar region. It is a professional company with ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management System certification. The dedicated and efficient personnel and the enthusiasm to deal with the same HVAC problems in an innovative and effective manner is what keeps the market position for the company.

The company provides many different types of insulation products which would suit all types of HVAC needs and solve different kinds of customer issues in one go. The products are designed and manufactured to ensure that they have the lowest possible air leakage level. The company deals with complete HVAC solutions with the best quality products ensuring customer satisfaction. We cater to any kind of requirement through our specialized engineering department and take pride in being equipped to be able to handle government and corporate projects too. High-quality products, great customer service and attention to detail sums the Gulf Trading operations just right!

To maintain the market dominance of supplying HVAC products and solutions by sustaining the exceptionally high quality of products and services.
To continuously provide high quality and best value solutions for HVAC products in the market ensuring services that let clients choose to work with Gulf Desert over and over again.
Core Values
Quality – The most important aspect of Gulf Desert is the quality in products and services. It is a common denominator for everything that is carried out within the company.

Passion for performance – Gulf Trading has started with passion and it remains as a key ingredient which not only helps build the company but can also be seen in the daily work routine. The staff continuously aims for ‘customer delight’ which means to be able to provide a solution which is better than expected.

Value – A value-driven approach to solve HVAC related problems ensures that the problem is looked at and solved in its totality. The solutions are performance driven which work efficiently to provide value to the end user.

Available, Responsible and Reliable – Gulf Trading is committed to working with integrity and keeping the client needs at top priority. The orientation shown by the employees is to be available when the clients need it, to take responsibility ensuring that the issue is solved and to reliably see the solution through.

People first – The only reason that the company is leading in quality is that of the exceptionally talented people who are committed to solving HVAC problems. The people first policy encompasses everybody including employees, clients, supplier, and vendors. Each job is carried out with respect and honesty to ensure that the human element always comes first.

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